Offer Accepted – Transition Listing to Transaction

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Skyslope classifies two different stages of a deal: “Listing” and “Transaction”. A transaction is anything where an offer has been accepted – whether it was originally your listing or not.

If you do have a Listing, once you have an accepted offer, you will need to transition the Listing to a Transaction. Begin by ensuring all required documents are attached:

Once all required documents are attached, the “Accepted Contract” button will appear on the checklist page as well as the Manage Listings page:

Once you select “Accept Contract” the Listing will create a “Transaction” – you must then move through and enter in the required information. (From this point on, the sale will be managed from the “Transactions” screen, you will no longer be able to find it under “Listings”. Additionally, it will show as “Incomplete” until you enter in all required Transaction information:

Type in the MLS #, but DO NOT press the “MLS Search” button – this will pull in inaccurate data at this time (Skyslope to resolve). For Checklist type – select “Listing – Offer Accepted”Enter in all other required fields, hit Next:

Enter in the required information on the Buyer page, select “Next”:

Enter in the required information on the Title/Escrow page, save and select “Next”:

Enter in the required information for the other agent, select “Submit”:

Confirm commission amounts and select “Submit” again:

Now you are are ready to attach “Transaction” documentation:

From here it is extremely important that you attached the Purchase Agreement so that the broker will be notified of the accepted offer. Always attach the Purchase agreement!