Sending a New Listing Contract

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Sending a New Listing Contract

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  1. After creating the listing in Skyslope, select “Working Documents“. If you have not yet created the listing, please do so now. Steps may be found here:


2. From there select “zipForm Plus


3. Select “Create zipForm Plus Transaction

4. Name the transaction, enter in the address, select “Create


5. On the “Add Form” window – simply select “Cancel” – all standard forms will be automatically added to the transaction. If there is a non-standard form that you require, you may select it from the library and add it to your transaction at any time.



6. Select the LC – Listing Contract to edit it with the necessary details.


7. Select “Save” in the upper left hand corner of the window after you have everything entered.

8. Click anywhere outside of the form in order to close the window and return to the list.

9. From the list, select any other forms you would like to send with, enter in the details, and save as well (i.e. Agency Disclosure, Lead Based Paint, etc.). Select the forms you would like to send for signature using the checkboxes next to them, then select “Digisign“.

 10. Select the address to return the form to. You previously created this following the “Create a Listing” steps.

11. Select the order in which you would like to send the documents.

12. Select “Next”

13. Enter in emails and add signers if needed. Select Next.

14. Add the fields you need the recipients to complete.

15. Once you have all fields ready to go, select “Send” and enter in any message you wish.

16. That’s it! If you need to sign the doc, you will be given an option to do so immediately. Once all signatures have been completed you will find the doc under the “Documents” tab in the listing.